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Video Editing Courses

Video Editing for Surveillance Operators

This one day workshop is primarily designed for investigators and surveillance operators who use video cameras for obtaining filmed video evidence. It covers the continuity of evidence from camera to court and teaches you how to edit raw footage to present it to your client in a professional manner.


Image enhancement is also covered which uses Photoshop to bring out the detail in poor quality images.

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Course Content

This course is very practical and covers:


  • Correct settings for video cameras

  • Use of covert & overt video cameras

  • Continuity of evidence from camera to court

  • Video editing software

  • Practical video editing

  • Minimising collateral intrusion

  • Adding date & time

  • Taking stills from video

  • Image Enhancement

  • Exporting & saving video

  • Data Protection

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Further Information


We supply all video cameras, or you can use your own. You will be required to bring a laptop pre-loaded with video editing software, which we can advise you of with your course joining instructions.

This one day ‘hands on’ course is suitable for the non technical person who wishes to learn and improve their video editing skills to produce professional results.


This surveillance photography training can also be held at your venue.

Training Course Dates

Course Date: TBC 2023

Location: Harrogate

Cost: £249.00

Course Date: TBC 2023

Location: Harrogate

Cost: £249.00

Course Delivery

This is a very ‘hands on’ course’ and you will be editing your own videos shot throughout the day.


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