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Counter Surveillance Training

Surveillance Detection Training

This course is designed to teach students primarily with a close protection background how to protect their Principal against sophisticated threats through anti and counter surveillance.


Counter surveillance is an often neglected part of close protection training.

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Counter Surveillance for Close Protection

If a surveillance team is observing your Principal they are possibly gathering intelligence prior to carrying out an attack or kidnap. Either way, any surveillance team identified shadowing your Principal poses a very significant and immediate threat.

On this course you will learn how to detect if your Principal has been placed under surveillance. You will learn what to look out for and how to lay traps to confirm your suspicions by designing and implementing counter surveillance routes. By the end of the course you will be able to carry out sophisticated 'overt' and 'covert' drills to either evade, deter or gather intelligence on the most sophisticated of surveillance teams.

Course Content


The course instructors have a wealth of experience teaching these same techniques to both British and foreign Government personnel including embassy/consulate security staff.

  • The Surveillance Threat - Hostile Planning Cycle

  • Planning & Briefing

  • Foot & Mobile Surveillance Methods

  • Recognising Surveillance Teams

  • Covert & Overt Anti Surveillance

  • Counter Surveillance Routes

  • Satellite Vehicle Tracking

  • Realistic Practical Exercises


This three day course is held in London City or at your own venue.


This course is specifically for security teams and groups who wish to arrange in-house training and is not open to the public.

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