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Foot Surveillance Training in London

Foot Surveillance Training in London (3 Days)

This three day course is for those who will be conducting surveillance and intelligence gathering in London or major cities where the target of surveillance is likely to use public transport networks and travel on foot rather than by car.

Taught by former military and Security Service instructors, we have also provided this training to static security staff responsible for the security of major complex sites, public buildings, indoor shopping malls and major events where covert security is necessary. This course qualifies you for obtaining Units 3, 6 & 7 of the SFJ Level 4 Certificate in Covert Surveillance Operations.

The course, based in Central London will test the students ability to conduct surveillance on foot in challenging and realistic situations whilst operating in residential, commercial and tourist areas: on foot, by train, bus, taxi and underground rail.

This course is suited for security professionals, commercial & private investigators, close protection teams and site security teams.

  • Law Enforcement Teams

  • Counter Fraud Teams

  • Local Government

  • Private Investigators

  • Close Protection Officers

  • Static Security Teams

  • Stadium Security Teams

  • Event Security Teams

  • Diplomatic Protection Teams


Course Criteria


Students must be able to fully converse in the English language due to fast and accurate radio procedure. They must provide photographic proof of identity such as a driving licence or passport and to be have an average level of fitness.

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Training Course Dates

Course Date: 7th - 9th October 2024

Location: London

Cost: £549+ VAT = £658.80

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