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Train The Trainer Course

This week we have conducted a ‘Train The Trainer’ course here in Harrogate.

Tyto Consulting Surveillance Training
Tyto Consulting Services Ltd

This week we have conducted a ‘Train The Trainer’ course here in Harrogate and what a great success for all. Before arriving, the three delegates were given two subjects they had to deliver during the training period.

The delegates (surveillance trained & experienced) commenced with giving a short lecture to the class on a subject (provided by us, with a bit of fun intended). This was designed to test and establish:

· Their depth of planning & research of the subject.

· Their use of imagination to enthuse the audience.

· Their use of training aids and supporting materials.

· Their style and confidence of delivery.

· Their interaction with the class.

· Whether they achieved their aim of the subject within the time frame.

Each learner then debriefed the ‘lecturer’ on their performance and some very good learning points were raised. At the same time the team had a good laugh, and they could see why this course was necessary and where it was going in direction.

This was then followed by lessons on techniques involving presentation and assessment methods, not only associated with teaching in general but also surveillance related subjects and using life experiences to enforce learning.

Covert Radio
Fully Covert Equipment

Prior to the course, the three were also each given a surveillance subject to research (Mobile, Foot, Communications) and deliver it as a lesson to the class, followed by the practical element out on foot or in the cars. They had to design a lesson plan, and a presentation using whatever training aids they saw fit.

After the student lesson on covert communications (using the latest wireless covert kit), and a student lesson on basic foot surveillance, an element of live foot surveillance was conducted about town managed by one of the students. A debrief ensued and lots of learning was attained.

This was also similarly followed by a student lesson on mobile surveillance back in the classroom. This was followed by (excuse the pun) a mobile ‘serial’ in the cars under the watch and coaching of another student.

And so it goes, the three students planned & delivered the lessons, were given expert advice and tuition throughout to support them plus more. Their future role in their organisations investigative team, elevates them to being surveillance mentors & instructors for the others.

I wish them the very best of luck.

If you are interested in our 'Train the Trainer' course as an organisation or individual, please contact us for further information.

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