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Refresher Training

Refresher Training & Coaching


If you are from an enforcement agency or organisation that conducts surveillance. We can offer a refresher training package where we design a scenario based exercise to suit your investigative role, and offer expert advice for improvement.

Scenario Based Exercises


After a consultation to establish the aims & objectives, we can offer a short period of revision followed by a scenario based training exercise, normally over two days. This is then followed by a constructive debrief identifying any poor practice that has crept in and areas in which to improve.

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This refresher training can involve various methods of surveillance and can be geared to one or a combination of the following:

  • Mobile Surveillance.

  • Static Surveillance (Rural or Urban).

  • Foot Surveillance.

  • Close Target Reconnaissance.

  • Covert Photography.

  • Tracking.

  • Test Purchases.

  • Open Source Intelligence.

We have carried out this type of training in the UK, across European borders and the USA.

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