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Chapter 7 Static Surveillance

Below are the questions and indicative answers to Covert Surveillance Theory by each chapter.


If you are taking the assessments for the Level 4 NQF qualifications in surveillance, you are advised not to copy and paste these answers into your workbook. It will be easily noticed if you do, and you will be struck off for plagiarism.


Only the indicative content is included, not the complete answers, therefore you will have to answer your questions in full to level 4 standard.

Tyto rural op.jpg

Chapter 7 Questions - Static surveillance

1. Explain what the principal tasks are for observations posts.


  • Trigger

  • Observe

  • Report

  • Intelligence

  • Support

  • CTR


2. Identify and explain the reason why surveillance vans can become compromised.


  • Operator fault

  • Third party

  • Noise

  • Smoke

  • Smells

  • Observed

  • Concealment

  • Un-natural behaviour

  • Walkaway


3. Explain two different types of rural OP.


  • Surface

  • Sub-surface

  • Long term

  • Short term


4. Identify why the ‘pick-up’ point for an OP team is different from the ‘drop off point’.


  • Seen

  • Compromise

  • Alternatives

  • ERV


5. Describe what you must do prior to leaving an OP.


  • Communications

  • Pack away

  • Waste

  • Sign

  • Move out


End of chapter questions

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